Personal Assistance Service Billing

PAS Billing

PAS Billing department fills a variety of needs for PAS providers. This includes billing Medicaid, Molina, Superior, HMO and all other payers. Our PAS Billing experts are effective and thoroughly trained. Our experience enables us to accurately generate claims for prompt payment. Our effective follow-through relieves our clients for this costly and time consuming task. We provide ongoing follow-up by calling insurance carriers for status and problem solving on unpaid claims.

If additional information required, we contact you and let you know specifically what we need. We will also contact ordering physicians or patients for needed information if so instructed.

As we receive notices of primary claims paid, we automatically bill the secondary claims if needed. We also do back billing and review of any outstanding receivable incurred prior to our start date.

At AKP SOLUTIONS, we strive for:

Data validation that includes but not limited to:

  • Usage of specific ICD 10 diagnostic codes
  • Procedure codes with correct modifiers
  • Right order of doctor names with NPI
  • Patient details
  • Authorization number - compare to what is on the payer's site
  • Payer id - merger is a constant issue with respect to correct payer id

Claim validation that includes but not limited to:

  • Making sure the claim goes to the insurance
  • Making sure claims get followed up with in a week
  • Basic spread sheet payment posting for easy access to the provider(s) for not having any software dependency and for sharing with accountants.

End-to-End Personal Assistance Billing Services

Services we provide to PAS(s):

  • Authorization and Program Modifier Verification
  • Data Entry, Validation & Transmission
  • Claims Review & Follow-up
  • Recovery & Collections
  • Patient Eligibility Verification
  • Payment Posting & Remittance Advisory
  • Report & Accounting