Physician Billing

Physician Billing

As a home health provider, you know that Medicare billing is a complex, specialized process. There are frequent changes in billing regulations, staffing, and software updates. Even if a claim is “paid” by Medicare, you may not have received the correct reimbursement. Our Physician Billing specialist can uncover and recover your lost revenue with only minimal costs to your agency. Our fee is based upon how much we collect.

Its that simple! For just a small fee, AKP SOLUTIONS Service provides a safe and convenient way for your agency to be sure that you`re receiving the full amount. Risk-free means you don`t pay us unless Medicare pays you.

At AKP SOLUTIONS, we strive for:

Data validation that includes but not limited to:

  • Usage of specific ICD 10 diagnostic codes
  • Procedure codes with correct modifiers
  • Right order of doctor names with NPI
  • Patient details
  • Authorization number - compare to what is on the payer's site
  • Payer id - merger is a constant issue with respect to correct payer id

Claim validation that includes but not limited to:

  • Making sure the claim goes to the insurance (checking DDE for every claim).
  • Making sure T status checked within 3 days.
  • Making sure T(returned), R(Rejected), D(Denied), P 328(Auto Canceled) are followed up with in a week.
  • Basic spread sheet payment posting for easy access to the provider(s) for not having any software dependency and for sharing with accountants.

End-to-End Physician Billing Services

Services we provide to Home Health Customer(s):

  • Claim Data Entry, Validation & Transmission
  • Claims Review & Follow-up
  • Recovery & Collections
  • Patient Eligibility Verification
  • Payment Posting & Remittance Advisory
  • Report & Accounting